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Truck and Trailer Rentals

Uhaul provides the right moving equipment at the lowest cost for your convenience. The following rates are provided to help you with your planning. If you find more competitive prices in town, we will match them so that we can provide you with all of your moving needs at the best price.

We provide truck and trailer rentals, dollies, furniture pads, and boxes. Our equipment is new, clean, and well maintained.


10' truck $19.95 per day
14' truck with ramp $29.95 per day
17' truck with ramp $29.95 per day
26' truck with ramp $39.95 per day


Mileage charged is $.59 during the week, and $.79 on Fridays and Saturdays.
If you can plan your move during the week, you can save on mileage!

4 x 8 closed trailer $14.95 per day
5 x 8 closed trailer $18.95 per day
6 x 12 closed double axle trailer $29.95 per day
Furniture Dolly $7.00
Moving Dolly $7.00
Appliance Dolly $10.00
Furniture Blankets (Six per package) $5.00
Moving Dolly and Furniture Pad Combo $10.00
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